What is the real appeal of trading crypto?

An article by Peter Hengst

On any given day, at any given time, there is an enormous amount of money that is traded in the digital currency market. Buyers are spending fiat currency to purchase more crypto and expand their portfolios. Sellers are making a profit or cutting their losses and dumping huge amounts of their portfolios in order to “cash out.” While the average individual goes about their day at work, crypto day traders are participating in a very volatile work space where millions of dollars can be made or lost within seconds. Who are these people who are willing to accept this demanding lifestyle and extremely high level of daily stress?

Pioneers. These folks, who in some cases, put their entire livelihood on the line ever day are the REAL PIONEERS of a currency revolution. As long as there have been human beings on this planet, there have been pioneers. People who risk or sacrifice much more than anyone else in order to bring about a change or an advancement for mankind. If Christopher Columbus never traveled by ship across the Atlantic seeking the “new world” of North America, or if Lewis and Clark never journeyed through the rough terrain that they did in order to reach the Oregon coast then our world would be a lot different. We need these types of pioneers to propel us into the next way of the future.

The importance of change in the way we as human beings view money cannot be overstated. The current monetary system is dated and due for an upgrade. This is what drives an industry like cryptocurrency even in the face of such a high level of volatility. The individuals involved in this industry do not feel that it is too risky to predict that the idea of money can be viewed entirely differently. Why should anyone be at the mercy of a bank or institution in order to get the access to the money that they have earned or saved? Why can’t an individual send all or some or fractions of their own money to anyone in the world instantly with their smartphone that is already connected to most of the globe via the internet? These questions are at the very core of human curiosity. Every time a major change has come throughout history, it started with a question of why.

Does all of this mean that the people who search the web for get rich quick schemes and wait for free airdrops from up-and-coming token companies are as important to history as explorers of new worlds and trail blazers? No. It means that collectively, every single person involved in the evolution of money including folks in the crypto space are paving the way for a better future. Taking risks and making sacrifices are simply a stepping stone toward the eventual goal of a one-world-currency. Traders might make a trade that doesn’t pan-out and they lose their initial investment. Buyers and sellers may choose to complete an order that immediately backfires several minutes later. Regardless of the possibility of these scenarios, those of us in this industry understand the importance of what we are trying to accomplish and there is nothing that will stop us. So yeah, the real appeal of crypto isn’t exactly to get-rich-quick. It is to get the idea of a more fair and just monetary system to be adopted by the rest of the world so that we can all live better and without financial oppression.



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