The REAL professionals in the crypto ATM game

An article by Peter Hengst

There are several cryptocurrency ATM companies that have sprouted up in the past 5 years or so. People have the definite need for access to these types of teller services. Perhaps you are on vacation and spent all of your cash. Then you realize that you have exhausted your main bank account or there is a hold put on it since you are out of your normal area and an automatic security measure is enforced to avoid identity theft. Well how would you get the cash that you need to continue to enjoy your vacay? The answer is simple, find a BAP(Bitcoin ATM Pros) cryptocurrency ATM and sell your digital assets directly to the machine and it will dispense cash. Now we all know that the typical crypto ATMs allow the purchasing of cryptocurrencies with cash and then it usually goes straight into your digital wallet. However, there is ONLY ONE cryptocurrency ATM company in all of San Diego, CA that is even capable of buying your crypto from you and dispensing cash. That company is Bitcoin ATM Pros.

Utilizing their MSB and FinCEN licensing, BAP is able to buy and sell at their ATMs and they even have an option to provide you with a paper wallet if you don’t yet have a digital wallet set up. A “paper wallet” you say?? Yes, a paper wallet which is a variation of a wallet that simply lists your public and private keys on it in order for its users to access their cryptocurrency through a digital wallet at a later time. This is a revolutionary setup for the currency industry. Anyone with a smart phone can use these ATMs.

31% of people around the globe don’t have a bank account! This poses a major problem for these folks to send and receive money. Bitcoin ATM Pros aims to make financial wealth and prosperity more accessible for these people. In fact, some countries still don’t have a reputable banking industry or even a legitimate currency that holds real-world value. Access to crypto ATMs with a buy and sell option is a crucial step toward evening the playing field for those that are less fortunate. 48.33% of the global population have a smart phone which means they can easily use a BAP ATM.

The majority of the crypto ATM companies have only one true motivation for their existence. They want money. They want to charge customers up to 30% per transaction so that they can maximize fee accumulation and they don’t dispense cash because that would require servicing the ATMs physically. This is not the motive of Bitcoin ATM Pros. This company has dreams and ambitions to change the financial world in to a fair and honest wealth distribution system using digital assets as a one-world-currency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and literally every single cryptocurrency that exists is the same value no matter where it is traded, purchased, or sold. This is the only way to ensure that when someone in Somalia works all day doing manual labor is going to be compensated fairly when compared to a construction worker in Boston, MA who works the same number of hours. For too long, have major corporations, big banking, and high-profile politicians controlled the flow of wealth and prosperity around the world. Technology has come far enough to put an end to the unfair distribution of global wealth. There is one company leading the effort in this currency revolution. There is one business that exists to convert the “old ways” into the “new age” of money. There is one group of professionals that are genuinely concerned with the unacceptable monetary system that currently exists. Those REAL professionals are Bitcoin ATM Pros.

Bitcoin ATM Pros aka “BAP” is a cryptocurrency automated teller service company with both buy and sell options for their customers.