A cryptocurrency revolution is quietly taking place and most people are unaware of its future significance

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4 min readJul 8, 2021

An article by Peter Hengst


The majority of people have heard the term Bitcoin at least one time in their life. Surprisingly, this is typically the extent in which the average individual’s knowledge of the cryptocurrency space is. The world of digital assets and blockchain technology is still in its infancy and has yet to even begin the ascent to its eventual reign. What Satoshi Nakamoto started with creating Bitcoin in 2010, has now produced a boom of alt coins that are being produced every day. To even begin to comprehend the level of growth in this industry we must take a look at the current number of alt coins available today. There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Many have their obvious reasons for existing: they provide open application blockchain availability like Ethereum, they connect smart contracts with external data sources like Chainlink, or they may even just be a payment network that is processed slightly faster than Bitcoin is like Litecoin. However, many of the alt coins available on the market today are utterly useless and are referred to as “meme coins.” These include Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Safemoon to name a few.

What constitutes a “meme coin?” Well for starters, meme coins have absolutely no utility behind the investment. This means that the company or project behind these meme coins have no reason to exist other than to gain popularity through social media sites and therefore gain money through purchasers of their cryptocurrencies. This can make it quite difficult for someone who is not educated in the digital asset community to make the right decision when buying their first coins. An average person will see what is trending online and assume that whatever they read on Elon Musk’s twitter page will someday help them become rich like him. I assure you that this is not the way to seek out the next best cryptocurrency for your investment.

A utility backed digital asset is of the upmost importance when considering which to invest in. Would you buy Amazon or Tesla stock if they actually had no real companies to make the price grow? If Amazon wasn’t even a website to purchase things, but instead was just a few people trying to get your money by posting memes then I am positive that their stock price would not be so high. This is all leading up to the introduction of the world’s most meaningfully backed utility cryptocurrency token to ever be created: the BAP Token. The BAP token at www.baptoken.com is a way to invest directly in an already successful and established corporation Bitcoin ATM Pros. This company places digital asset automated teller service machines in locations that are underserved in this category. Communities who have a need for accessible money transmission with currencies that are accepted worldwide. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum are all sold and purchased on their ATMs. Individuals that receive any of these cryptocurrencies to their digital wallets can instantly pull out these funds in the form of fiat currency with a BAP ATM. If someone in Thailand sends $100 worth of BTC to their child going to college in California and they need to convert this to cash, then they can simply find a BAP ATM near them on coinatmradar.com and use it for this process. Or if an individual with cash wants to send their money to a relative almost instantly, they can buy BTC from a BAP ATM and then use their new BTC wallet to send that same Bitcoin to whomever needs the funds. These conveniences are not as widespread yet as they certainly will be within the coming years. This puts Bitcoin ATM Pros and their plan to rapidly expand, lightyears ahead of the game.

With the idea to have up to 600 crypto ATMs placed within a year of their token launch, Bitcoin ATM Pros is leading the way in a currency revolution. The BAP token, which is currently in a pre-sale state and listed at only $0.05, has the potential to be more than 100X the current price as early as 1 year from now. The way this token is set up will perpetuate the growth of Bitcoin ATM Pros and in turn the price of the token. Every single BAP token that is purchased will impact the expansion of additional ATMs in to areas that desperately need it. Additionally, each and every BAP token holder will be rewarded quarterly with a dividend payout that comes from the fees generated by the ATMs. 10% of all profits made by BAP through their ATMs goes right back into the pockets of their investors. This is an unheard-of level of generosity and promise. Never before has there been anything even close to this type of arrangement in the cryptocurrency space. Given the nature of the BAP token, analysts believe that they have finally found a new token with the growth potential of Bitcoin itself. The next level of cryptocurrency revolution is currently taking place. Will you be on this train or watch is zoom past you as you are left at the station? BAP TOKEN www.baptoken.com

Core Team of Bitcoin ATM Pros and the BAP token-

Michael Cuillard- CEO and Owner

Peter Hengst- Executive Director of Marketing

Thomas Gray- Web Developer and Graphic Design

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Bitcoin ATM Pros aka “BAP” is a cryptocurrency automated teller service company with both buy and sell options for their customers.